Monday, 27 April 2009

Grass is always greener on the other side..

A friend of mine casually asked me if I miss work? At that instant I could not process all my feelings in to a short sentence. I fumbled for a compromising answer and conveniently changed the subject. After the conversation the question kept circling in my head and I actually made an effort to think it through.

I must admit I miss work quite a lot. More than the work itself, I think I missed being a professional and getting a paycheck at the end of every month. The Starbucks coffee , the Pret a manger yogurt , a warm croissant from the french bakery nearby contributed to a perfect start for my day. Morning meetings, working under pressure , lunches spent gossiping about the other colleagues, trying to be awake at 3 pm with a strong dose of caffeine, looking forward to the wrapping up session, getting home and making a half attempt to cook (most of the times decide to get a takeaway) and slopping in to the bed with a book or a movie. It was the same routine and then looking forward to the weekends and occasional long weekends was so much more exciting.

However having said that there are umpteen number of days where I have wished and longed for being able to sit at home and do nothing at all. Now when I actually get to do it, I long for me to get a job and work long hours. Do we ever want one thing!! life would be so much simpler otherwise..

Friday, 24 April 2009

Fake IPL player.. Who is he?

I just happened to catch the grapevine on the fake IPL player's blog. He claims to be a Kolkata Knight Rider's team member and has a dig at the management and players equally. The questions that arise are whether he really is a player or just a random guy with lots of imagination. Regardless of his identity or authenticity, the blog has caught up with the cricket frenzy junta. Kolkata Knight Riders management is on the lookout for the blogger and we will know in a few days if this was all for real or a big cook up. I am sure it is someone trying to get smart and noticed by spinning some tales but apparently the officials are a little flustered about this blog, since it gives in a few accurate details about the happenings in the team. For anyone who is curious or as jobless as me :) the blog address is . One look at the blog confirmed my suspicions of it being a big hoax but who know's maybe I am wrong...

P.S : The content in the blog is suitable for over 18's only..

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Restricted entry!

Every time I am invited to a party or get together in a pub/nightclub I need to carry an ID (has to be a passport as I dont own a licence and nor am I a student) to flash at the bouncers. I tut tut about their inability to see through the appearance in to the wiser and older me but within I have a smug grin brimming. Its a real nice feeling when people say or think that you don't look your age. S thinks I always expect to be asked for an ID and I have never been disappointed. Not sure what I would do when my wish to stay young is overruled by the weary years settling themselves, slowly, on me.

However the heights of it was when I was asked for an ID in ASDA to buy a set of harmless knives. Naturally I did not expect that and was not armed with my passport. I had to fumble in my bag for all sorts of cards and didn't find anything that could rescue me out of the sticky situation. Thankfully a few assurances and pleads later the nice lady let me have them. I either looked young or looked like a gangsta!! Hmmmm..

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Rain and holidays

Today after the match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians was abandoned due to rains, I kept wondering if the cricketers were jumping with joy. Its quite hard to imagine those guys jumping with joy, yet imagination has no bounds.I mean that is exactly what I would do, given the situation. I did three years of my schooling in Kalakshetra (as a hostel student) and it is extremely difficult to get a day off under the probing and watchful eyes of our wardens. Rains bring in the much needed relief from the mundane activities like going to school and doing homework, since we had classrooms with thatched roof...yeah you read it right!

If you thought I would grow up after becoming a professional then you are definitely wrong. Just a couple of months after I started my first job, it poured cats and dogs in Chennai. Well Adyar was not quite drowned into water like Velachery but still we had enough water logging to keep in to the confines of the house. I was jumping with joy that I got two days of free holiday. Even my friend was overjoyed at the prospect of sitting and watching the cable TV instead watching the same old 'shanians' (losers) at office. Once we knew that a few of our team members had actually turned up in spite of the heavy rains, we had an hour long cursing session about the 'udavakarais' (jobless people) because of whom we were at a disadvantage of losing the 'free holiday'.

This year after me and S got back to UK on a Saturday and Sunday passed in a haze. I was dreading the Monday as I had to be alone in the house, not scared but just scared of being lonely after having spent 2 months with my family and numerous relatives. On that Monday it snowed so heavy that the whole of London was shut off, without any transport...Boy was I happy!.. I am sure most of us are happy to get these freebies and if someone complains about them then either there is something seriously wrong with them or they are just putting up an act.

Cross connection!

When I stand and wait for a bus, everything except the one that I need, pass me by. Finally when it does arrive late, it is stuffed with enough load to stop the driver from opening the doors. I helplessly look around and decide to walk to the station, every few steps I turn to check if there is another bus coming this way and after walking a good distance I can see it shuttling to the stop. My brain says I wont make it, yet before the signal reaches to my feet it takes off and I find myself back in the same situation, waiting at the bus stop, the bus fading away slowly.
Do you ever listen to me god?? I guess there is a cross talk every time I ask you something. Time to change your connection!

Friday, 17 April 2009

IPL - It is back!!

Schooldays vividly bring me back to the times where me and my brother would spend long hours watching cricket matches (even during my exams). There was tension in the air accompanied by loud sighs during wickets and bangs on the table for any joyous moment. I always enjoyed the ODI's (One Day International's) and only caught up with the highlights for the Test matches. Somehow did not have the patience to sit and watch the snail paced innings. So much was the love for cricket that I even decided to go for a cricket match at MA Chidambaram stadium, Chennai for a ODI between India and New Zealand. I was all geared up with sketched out plans to rush on to the door step of the dressing room to get an autograph from Sachin but sadly the play was stopped midway due to rains and I got back empty handed. I loved Sachin Tendulkar, he was always my favourite, didnt really matter if he hit a century or was out without any run!

It was all well and good until the time when they brought in the Set top boxes.. We did not get the sports channel under the 'free view' and somehow I did not notice the lack of interest I had for the game until it was too late, it just died a natural death without any pain and suffering. Even with no interest in the game I continued to like Sachin (there was no dearth of him in the Television ads).

Then came the IPL, I was blown over by the game yet again. I loved the fast paced, action packed games. I loved the fact that all the biggies of the International cricket played against each other on one big stage. Most of all I loved the time period involved in watching those games. It was like watching a block buster movie, 3 hours of sheer bliss. Fave cricketing heroes battling it out on the ground, adrenaline charged audience, Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Katrina Kaif and many more celebrities playing the supporting roles and not to mention the freqent appearances of fours and Sixes (some would not fail to mention the sexy cheerleaders and their moves!!)... It has definitely suceeded in getting me hooked to the game. Tomorrow the heat is on once again and IPL makes a comeback. I was hoping it will be played in England so that we could catch a match or two but sadly it is being played in South Africa. Anyways as long as S subscribes for the Setanta sports I have no problem. It is going to be amazing to see the international crowd cheering for Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Daredevils, Kings XI Punjab, Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The much awaited Long weekend..

The Long weekend did not seem so long after all. Thursday was spent anticipating the weekend and Friday arrived with very little promise of a holiday as the sky was overcast with rain bearing clouds, threatening to pour down any minute. Also conveniently S had loads of office work to do and hence as usual the day was spent with internet movies, games and the occasional walk to the kitchen to bring 'snacks'. Saturday dawned, again with little hope weather wise, however we decided to head to the travel agents to book our holiday to France, only to be told we needed more documents!! We returned with little enthusiasm and decided to have a lunch (eat as much as you can) at a Chinese restaurant near home. S decided to work a lot more and even worked through the night (??? I was surprised when I got up at 5 to see him doing area calculations but nothing stopped me from going back to sleep). From morning 10 to 4 in the afternoon we both worked on his project...phew! At 5 both decided enough was enough and went to the temple in Tooting for blessings from the almighty and some yummy modakam (Sweet), followed by pani puri(not in the temple!!) at a Gujarati snack shop and after getting a pottalam of 'jalebis' (sweet) and stuffing our faces at Chutney and Dosa (Indian restaurant at Tooting) we finally headed back home.

I hoped and hoped for a bright Monday, my prayers were answered. Even though the day started off cloudy, by mid afternoon it was clear that there was going to be lots of sun. We both hopped in to a train to Brighton and in just 45 min time were left gawking at the turnout in the Brighton beach. Everyone was fighting for space to lie down. There were happy kids, even more happier babes (with skimpy clothes), guys exposing their bare bodies and dogs having a fun day chasing seagulls. Everyone seemed so happy and I kept wondering what a little bit of sun can do to the usually grumpy Brits. It was fun to feel the sun streaming down on us (Same situation in Chennai and I would not have dared to step out of the house). We both had a great time walking around and exploring the place and the end of the day I looked like a 'kaanja karuvadu' (dried fish) and yet it did not dampen my spirits. I would say, it was a perfect end to a not- so - perfect weekend! From today it is going to be back to square one. Also wishing everyone a happy tamil new year and vishu ( a little belated!). More laters.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Plight of immigrant workers in U.A.E

I happened to watch 'Panorama' on BBC. It is an investigative TV- show that goes undercover to bring out the truth on various issues. On Monday they focused on the condition of construction workers in Dubai. It was really disheartening to see the workers slogging themselves for 6 days a week(12 hour shifts) with no basic facilities. Most of them are from India, Pakistan,Bangladesh and China. They have come in hoards to the city of glitter and riches, to earn more money and better their lives. Reality hits home only after they reach. They have been given poor accommodation, toilets and bathrooms with no taps, sewage collected all around their dwellings and most importantly no wages for long periods or lower than promised wages. It is horrific to see the conditions that they have been subject to. Abused and tortured they strive to pay their loans, without sending home any money for a year or two. This show brings to light the plight of immigrant construction workers who help build the multimillionaire luxurious properties in Dubai and aptly termed as 'Slumdogs and Millionaires'. It is a pity that the governments in U.A.E are not able to address the issues of the immigrant workers who help to add glitter to their cities, with no rewards for their hard work. This is the link to the web pages and link2, with a detailed report on the same issue.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Music to my ears!

Music (carnatic music) lessons and me date back to a time when I was just four. My parents always thought I have a 'sweet' voice and hoped that I would some day sing professionally. Little did the know then that I would never do just that. I was the kid who made everyone close their eyes and not look at me before I decided to sing. I would fuss for about 15 mins to sing something for 5min. Once the singing started I was fine and everyone usually complimented me for my 'sweet' voice but I definitely had starting problems. Also the other thing was I have never learnt music under one single person, I have had too many teachers. Every time I moved to a new place I started over from the basics of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Sarali varisai) ... the explanation being every teacher had his or her own style of imparting gyan (knowledge).. Hence I have never gone past varnams in my life. I had 2 teachers in Bhilai, 2 in Bombay (Mumbai) and then I was in kalakshetra for 3 years and after that started over with another teacher in Chennai...Phew... Quite a lot right?

However I can never forget one among the whole lot. We were in Bombay and as usual I was enrolled in to the music classes. I had hour long classes on a day in the week and one day over the weekend. I used to literally dread both of them as he was very strict. He used to come sharp at the time meant for classes and if there was a delay even by a couple of minutes, I would hope and pray that he will not be able to make it. God was never on my side, he always turned up.grrr... Next attempt to stall the classes would be to try and search for my music book as slowly as possible. Well couldn't do much there as my mom always helped me find it!! Damn! The classes would begin and he would ask me to start singing and hell would break loose. Every time I would make a mistake he would stop me and ask me to repeat that particular sangadhi (notes) and then keep screaming ILA...ILA..(NO...NO..) till I got it right. Believe me it was hard work. This would happen in every 3 minutes. I am the kind of person who gets very nervous if someone starts to scream and to actually find out 'what went wrong' during this process is impossible. I used to start stuttering even more. Imagine this situation when you have guests at home..Eew.. I have had some horrible days. My uncle still remembers my music lessons and the ILA...ILA...and has a good laugh. Thankfully all my other teachers were really cool and I learnt quite a lot from everyone.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Summer arrives (slowly)

Yesterday, as I walked with a spring in my step to meet my husband at the station, a slight warm breeze rustled and lifted my spirits. I suddenly realized it was 19:30 and the light rays from a descending sun were still guiding me through. Yippee! Summer is almost here...I am loving it!

A Broken Promise

I know I promised I will not do this once again..I tried so hard not to. When the time came to resist, it was a disaster. Your dark smooth luscious skin and your curves was a big big temptation! I needed something to distress me...What with the so many stressful worldly issues like recession, jobs G20 summit blah blah and issues on my personal front, like the the mouse in my kitchen ...I needed a distraction from my quiet, pure, serene and bored life. You were the only one who could give me the excitement.Also the other reason was that when I tried breaking away a piece, you were always eager to come in 4...Not my problem!!
Its not like I am wiping away your entire species! You guys are all over the place. It wont really hurt to lose one of you guys...